・Import/Export and sale of lab appliances and maintenance services

・Creation and implementation

* We offer unique, high-quality products at a reasonable price and work towards the creation and implementation for our customers.

January 1st 1995
Established Julabo Japan Co., Ltd.
Took over all importation, sale, and after-service of CODIX Corporation (Subsidiary company of Contraves (Switzerland)
February 1997
Began acting as a selling agent of Buchi Glas (Switzerland) through an introduction from Julabo Labortechnik.
April 1998
Established Tokyo branch (Suginami, Tokyo).
October 1999
Began carrying dispensing burets by Bal (Now VITLAB).
September 2000
Moved from Suginami City to Bunkyo in order to expand business for the Tokyo office.
April 2001
Began carrying high efficiency brushes by Brushtech (USA).
April 2002
Began carrying centrifuges from Hettich (Germany).
April 2003
Began carrying simple fume hoods by Cruma (Spain).
May 2003
Established Izumi Techno Center as a center for receiving and shipping as well as technology support.
(Techno Stage, Izumi, Osaka)
June 2006
Took on the sales of the homogenizer by ART (Germany).
July 2008
Began carrying products by Behr (Germany).
Established Julabo Japan Co., Ltd. subsidiary company.
April 2012
Established Leona Corporation in order to import and sell cutting-edge products mainly from overseas.
September 2013
Published first product catalog.
March 2014
Capital increased from 10 million JPY to 20 million JPY.
April 2014
Company name changed from Leona Corporation to Leona Co., Ltd.
Main office moved to current location.
April 2015
Began selling “made in Japan” “Japan quality” product to the overseas.

Trade Name:
Leona Co., Ltd.
April 2012
20,000,000 JPY
Main Office Address:
1 Chome-3-17 Techno-Stage,
Izumi, Osaka, 594-1144 Japan
+81-725-53-4488 (Representative)

Banks: The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Resona Bank

1 Chome-3-17 Techno Stage, Izumi, Osaka, 594-1144 Japan
TEL:+81-725-53-4488  FAX:+81-725-54-1955